In our own lives it is a fact that we will have to arrange or deal with 2 and a half funerals in our lifetime. For some of us there will be more and for some of us there maybe less. We focus our attention to what that person wanted or maybe did not want, however have you thought about what you would like for your own funeral service? Do you want a funeral service? Burial or Cremation? Where would like it to be held? Have you thought about what sort of casket you would like? maybe your a handyman and would like to build your own. There are so many things to consider when we are talking about a funeral and ill touch on a couple of things to take into consideration when planning your funeral.

I know personally as a funeral director and the owner of a funeral home, i still haven’t decided whether i would like to be buried or cremated, i guess we get caught up in the day to day lives of other peoples funerals that we don’t take a minute to sit down and think about our own demise, however you need to take into consideration these next couple of points when deciding on burial or cremation.

  1. Cost: cost is a big aspect of what we do and its an important fact to remember that buying your piece of dirt for your final resting place is getting expensive. I can only speak locally, but if your looking a purchasing a plot here at our local cemetery and paying for your interment fee (burial fee) then your almost looking at $3000.00. That is only for the plot and burial fee. Not including any funeral fees what so ever. On the other hand locally a cremation fee will only set you back around $560.00. This is much more economical on your wallet, however its not always about the price.
  2. Visitation: when you purchased a burial plot, the most important part of this is that people can come and see you, pay there respects, share a memory and maybe leave flowers or a tribute to you. Once you are cremated, should you not choose to have your ashes buried, you may want to be scattered at a favorite place or maybe at sea, there is no physical body buried anywhere for people to come and see you and have that connection. If you have a plaque at a local cemetery but your not actually buried there, i feel your missing the connection. you may have an acknowledgement of your existence but your not physically there.
  3. Environment: Not all of us find this an important aspect however with burials in particular we are using a lot of space up burying our loved ones and i’m wondering how sustainable this is for the future? do we have endless land where we can keep burying our loved ones. There will come a time where cremation may become compulsory because of land shortage. On another aspect of environment, people think that cremation pollutes the air. This is actually not totally true, very little emissions are placed into the atmosphere. In a later blog when i talk about cremations ill explain a little more in depth.

After deciding what your choice of disposition may be, i have a little fact for you:

Did you know that there is no legal requirement for you to have a funeral service in a church or chapel?

That’s right if you decided that you wanted to have your funeral service on the beach or in a park or maybe on a boat, then this is perfectly acceptable. I think these days we are getting a lot more creative at personalizing our funerals and i think that’s the most important thing you can do. Having the same funeral service for everybody would not be right, its totally up to you should you wish to make personal changes to your service. This is what people will remember you by. Balloons, Sparkly coffins, Photo shows and quirky music are just some basic ways of making your service your own. Although death is a sad occasion, we can all do our part to celebrate the life others and by thinking about and planning your own, it leaves no questions for you family on what you wanted.

Thanks for your time.

Bradley J. Shaw